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Vitamin D & Me… Karen talks to her vitamins

losing it over 40 vitamin d talk

For those of you that know, you know that besides losing weight there are other things I want to lose.  I’d like to lose the aches in my hips and knees when I walk up and down the stairs, and I’d like to lose my fear that if I do fall, I won’t bounce back …

Running a “dry burn”

“…After every five roasts, we recommend you do a system dry burn and interior cleaning. This is done to ensure there is no sediment buildup blocking a sensor…” As some of you know from an earlier podcast, to foster weight loss I’ve gotten into home coffee roasting both for pleasure and for something to do …

Losing 15 Pounds – Summary of my success

For those of you in the know  you know that my sister and I are both over 40 (ok, I’m over 50) and we both have over 40 pounds to lose.   We co-author this weight loss blog and co-host our podcast to document our weight loss success.   Originally it was for our future selves… and over the last few weeks it became apparent that we are not alone.   There are oodles or women… losing it over 40. 

Karen’s Sweet Epiphany

losing it over 40 have your cake but will you eat it

The Struggle is Real Struggle is an eight letter word that means many things to many people.  To my sister Annie, it’s getting over the hump of “I’m going to have to do this for the rest of my life” and for me… it’s still about choices. I know how I got here, 52 years …

Karen Talks about The Point of Counting Points

weight watchers and points

As you know, if you’re listening to our podcasts Annie is losing weight like it’s her job. 6 weeks and 18 pounds. Me… not so much. This week I’ve decided to show up for my success in a different way, I’m joining weight watchers online plus. (shameless promotion:  click here to save on the online subscription …